Local authorities in Benghazi confirmed Wednesday the arrest of two men in connection to a gas leak that resulted in dozens of poisoning cases in the area of Quarsha.

According to the same source, one of those accused is a Libyan national -a scrap factory owner- and the other was an Egyptian worker.

In an irresponsible act, the defendants exposed a chlorine gas cylinder to high temperatures allowing the poisonous gas to jet in the air.

The incident caused the sickening of around 30 residents in nearby neghbourhoods.

The cylinder was reportedly stolen from the Al-Bayara chemical factory before it was sold to the Egyptian worker who brought it to the scrap factory where he works.

The Benghazi Medical Center confirmed yesterday receiving scores of cases suffering from symptoms of poisoning all, of whom living near the industrial zone of the Quarsha district.

Most of the patients, who included women, children, and the elderly arrived at the hospital in poor physical conditions and severe shortness of breath, the Director of the Medical Services Department at the Center, Dr. Fadwa Fartas, explained.