The United Arab Emirates has violated the UN arms embargo on Libya by providing air power for the forces of Khalifa Haftar in eastern Libya, a UN investigative report revealed on Friday.

According to the UN report, the air power assistance provided by the UAE to Haftar's forces made them gain more grounds and become in remarkable control of vast areas in eastern Libya.

The report also discloses that the UAE had built up an air base at Al Khadim in eastern Libya as well as providing Haftar and his forces with fighter aircraft and military vehicles.

"There had been a general increase in direct foreign support to armed factions in Libya, breaching a UN arms embargo imposed during the country's 2011 uprising and tightened in 2014." The annual UN report, which is conducted by a panel of experts reporting on violations of UN sanctions across Libya, reads.

According to the report, the UAE air force boost and direct as well as material support for the so-called Libyan National Army (LNA) of Khalifa Haftar helped increase its control and made it tighten its grip on its foes' positions.

The panel of experts said the UAE wouldn't comment on the report and did not respond to requests for more details.

"Attack helicopters were delivered by the UAE to the LNA in April 2015. One Mi-24p helicopter was traced back to Belarus, which confirmed it had delivered four of the aircraft to the UAE in 2014. Also, an AT-802i single engine plane which was seen based in eastern Libya. The plane, originally designed for agricultural or firefighting use, was repurposed in the United States for counter-insurgency and sold to the UAE," the report said.

It also confirmed that there had been a delivery of 93 armored personnel carriers and 549 armored and non-armored vehicles to the LNA in the eastern city of Tobruk in April 2016 by the UAE by ship from Saudi Arabia.

"Not to mention the large deliveries of Toyota pick-up trucks and armored 4x4 cars to Tobruk in January and April 2017, on a ship that had passed through Port Said in Egypt," the report emphasized.

Commenting on the violations and stark foreign intervention, the member of the Libyan Political Dialogue Committee, Sulaiman Al-Faqih, said UAE's violation of the arms embargo on Libya is a blatant breach of international conventions and laws.

"I call on the Presidential Council to submit an official complaint at the UN Security Council protesting the UAE's violations of Libya's sovereignty." Al-Faqih added, urging the House of Representatives and the High Council of State to assume their responsibility in condemning this foreign intervention.