A report for the UN panel of experts has revealed that UAE, Turkey, Jordan, and Sudan have violated the Security Council's arms embargo on Libya, Aljazeera reported on Saturday.

The report is expected to be published to the public in mid-December, according to Aljazeera.

The report says Sudanese military official Mogammed Hamdan "Hemitti" violated the arms embargo on Libya by providing military assistance to warring parties in the country; sending 1000 RSF soldiers to eastern Libya last July.

"Hemitti sent the fighters to secure Benghazi to allow Haftar's forces to attack Tripoli. Then the Sudanese fighters were positioned in Al-Jufra." The report added.

It indicated that the UAE also violated the arms embargo in Libya by giving Haftar's forces air defense system weapons that was installed in Al-Jufra airbase and near Gharyan.

The report added that the UAE provided Haftar's forces with drones that fire guided missiles.

According to the report, cited by Aljazeera, Haftar's offensive on Tripoli in last April intended to hinder the UN-led political process.