The UN Under-Secretary General, Rosemary DiCarlo, warned in a Security Council session briefing on the situation in Libya on Wednesday of the presence of two parallel governments in Libya if elections aren't held.

DiCarlo called for progress in withdrawing mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya, adding that if conflicts for leadership continued in the country, the possibility of holding fair and peaceful elections would diminish, making way for the return of division.

“The negotiations led by UN Advisor on Libya, Stephanie Williams, are still ongoing in order to reach a solution.” DiCarlo added.

The US representative at the Security Council voiced concern about the effort by many parties to control the government which could affect the presidential and parliamentary elections, adding that Washington supports the efforts of Williams and her initiative, urging the House of Representatives and High Council of State to deal with it seriously.

The US representative indicated that the Security Council could impose sanctions on those who obstruct the political transitional process, renewing rejection to military escalation and foreign intervention in Libya as it would threaten security and stability in the country, especially the presence of Russian Wagner Group.

France’s representative at the Security Council rejected restrictions on movement in Libya, especially domestic flights, threatening sanctions against those who undermine peace and political transition in the country, and reiterating French support for presidential and parliamentary elections to be held as soon as possible.

Russia’s representative at the Security Council renewed call for the appointment of a special envoy to Libya as soon as possible, saying the appointee should be approved by Security Council member states and Libyan authorities.