Around 100,000 children in Libya are currently in need of humanitarian assistance, three months following the Storm Daniel disaster, according to a UNICEF report on Friday.

The UN organization highlighted that over 250,000 individuals require immediate aid as it urged the provision of $11.2 million to address the humanitarian needs in Libya. It also mentioned having raised more than $15 million for this purpose.

UNICEF recently initiated the second phase of its "Clean Water, Healthy Life" campaign, targeting to reach 29,000 people. The initiative focuses on raising awareness about the importance of clean water and basic preventive health measures.

It emphasized the urgent necessity for additional humanitarian aid, particularly in rehabilitating the health sector and providing essential services such as water, education, and child protection.

The statement also pointed out that the situation in eastern Libya continues to be challenging three months after Storm Daniel, with children being among the most affected and vulnerable groups.