The US Special Envoy Richard Norland followed with interest the preparatory meeting for the national reconciliation conference planned for this spring in Libya, the US embassy in Libya said on X platform.

"As we have shared with PC Vice President Lafi and Congo’s Foreign Minister Gakosso, the United States is eager to work with the Presidential Council and the African Union in support of this vital component of the political process." Norland said.

He added that achieving reconciliation at the national and local levels is essential to laying the groundwork for lasting peace in Libya.

The Preparatory Committee for the National Reconciliation Conference concluded last Monday its fourth meeting, which was hosted by the city of Zuwara, and was attended by Al-Lafi, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Congo Brazzaville, Jean-Claude Gakosso, UN envoy Abdoulaye Bathily, among others.

The participants in the fourth meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the National Reconciliation Conference discussed a number of organizational issues related to the committee’s work mechanism in preparation for the comprehensive conference scheduled to be held at the end of next April in the city of Sirte.