The Syrian As-Suwayda 24 News Network has confirmed that 300 Syrian fighters, who were recruited by Russian Wagner to work as mercenaries for Haftar's militias in Libya, returned last Thursday to Syria after staying about seven months in Libya, working as guards for oil facilities controlled by Russia.

However, the remarkable thing is that Russia did not send a new batch of Syrian fighters to Libya this time, contrary to what is usual. Before withdrawing the fighters it was preparing new patch to replace them.

The network quoted private sources, saying that Russia withdrew the members of the 42nd Brigade, which was stationed in the Jufra region in Libya, and returned them through Benghazi airport in eastern Libya to the Hmeimim Air Base in Syria.

Russia still have four Syrian brigades in the Libyan territories, with a total of 1200 members, distributed in the Jufra and Sirte regions, As-Suwayda 24 News Network said, pointing out that Russia may open the door for recruitment in Syria again to send a new patch of Syrian mercenaries to Libya.