Municipalities of Central Tripoli, Tajoura, Misrata, Souq Al-Jumua, and Abu Salim called Sunday for speeding up the establishment and implementation of the security arrangements in Tripoli as per a specific timeline.

Tripoli has been the battlefield for fierce clashes between two alliances of armed groups over the last three weeks, with a fragile and then violated ceasefire brokered by the UN Support Mission in Libya on September 04.

The mayors, in a joint statement, voiced support for the ceasefire which was reached in Al-Zawiya.

They also stressed the need for the ceasefire to protect civilians and their properties in Tripoli.

"Media escalation should also be ceases along with the military escalation. All parties must fall back upon dialogue as their only choice of a solution. They should all agree to incriminate the use of force to gain profits." The statement reads.

The mayors added that the UNSMIL should assume its responsibility in consolidating the ceasefire, calling for the implementation of security and economic reforms.

In the meantime, the armed formations and military councils of western Libya issued a joint statement condemning the violence and armed clashes in the Libyan capital, rejecting the chaos that is casting doubt on the seriousness of the economic and security reforms' package that is being executed by the Presidential Council.

They urged the House of Representatives and the High Council of States to take action regarding the current destruction in Tripoli, accusing them of following their own personal interests taking no heed of the Libyans' suffering, "but rather hindering the political process and the approval of the constitution."

The military councils and formations in western Libya asked all the warring parties in Tripoli to listen to the voice of reason and sit on a dialogue table, dropping down their weapons and leaving the battlefield as advised by local and international bodies.

The signatories included Zintan military council, Gharyna military council, Sorman military council, Wershiffana 55 Brigade and others.