The Benghazi Shura Council has issued a statement warning all those who are conducting airstrikes and shelling on Ganfouda district in Benghazi that they have become a rightful target for the council’s fighters.

“We’re going to fire back at those who are firing at the district.” The Benghazi Shura Council indicated Monday in a statement described as a reaction to the ongoing destruction of houses and the never-ending UAE-French airstrikes on Ganfouda.

The Benghazi Shura Council also warned all the residents of Benghazi and the eastern region of being present nearby Khalifa Haftar militias’ gatherings for the safety of their lives.

“We do care about people’s lives and we don’t want to shed any more blood.” The council’s statement adds.

Ganfouda has been besieged by Khalifa Haftar’s militias for so long that the militias disallow any entrance to it or departure from it, leaving people trapped at the mercy of constant airstrikes by Haftar’s warplanes backed by foreign fighter aircraft.

The Haftar-laid siege continues despite recurrent calls for opening safe passages for civilians by local and international law and humanitarian agencies, which all warned of using the people as human shields, because Haftar’s militias consider all those Libyan and foreign civilians terrorists.