Time is running out, and the Libyan people are eager for stability that can only be realized with the holding of national elections based on a sound and consensual constitutional framework, the UN Special Adviser, Stephanie Williams said at the opening of a new round of UN-facilitated talks between members of the joint committee consisting of the House of Representatives and the High Council of the State in Cairo.

 In a statement published on its website Sunday, the UN Support Mission in Libya quoted Williams as saying that the Libyan people are tired of war and endless competition over executive authority and economic resources and want to choose their representatives so that their long-awaited dream of stability and prosperity can finally be achieved.

She noted that a month has passed since the last meeting of the committee and Libya is still at the same critical juncture, insisting that the remaining option would be to move towards inclusive, fair, transparent, and credible national elections in order to respect the 2.8 million Libyan voters.

"All other solutions have been tried and tested, from war to power-sharing arrangements, to different governments, and none of them have worked," Williams said.

The UN Rep. expressed her aspiration to assist members of the joint committee in facilitating further agreement on sensitive issues and core components of the constitutional framework so as to make the path forward "crystal clear."

She cautioned that this round of meetings could be the last chance to make tangible progress on outstanding issues.

"Delays and an open-ended process will not work and will inevitably lead to further division and conflict from where it will be much harder to bring Libya back on the path to stability," Williams concluded.