One woman was killed and several civilians were wounded in fresh rocket attacks Thursday by Khalifa Haftar's forces on residential areas in Tripoli.

"A woman named Layla Bukharais was killed in Hay Dimashiq area in Tripoli as one of Haftar's indiscriminate rockets fell on her house. Three civilians were injured. While in another rocket attack, several civilians were wounded in Abu Salim and Al-Hadba." Media office of Volcano of Rage Operation said.

Panic and intimidation prevailed on Thursday in Tripoli as Haftar's forces rained different areas with indiscriminate rockets, including new attacks on Hay Dimashiq, where more injuries had been reported, in addition to attacks on Sherfet Al-Mallah near Mitiga Airport in Tripoli, which led to brief suspension of flights.

On the frontlines in southern Tripoli, clashes have broken out between Haftar's forces and Volcano of Rage Operation forces on Khallatat frontline as the former tried to advance toward fuel depot complex on Tripoli Airport Road. The advance was repelled and several of Haftar's fighters were killed and captured, while eight vehicles were seized.

The spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu said in a statement on Thursday that they had targeted several military vehicles and fighters' gatherings of Haftar's forces after the repeated violations of the ceasefire, saying Haftar's forces tried to make up for their ground advance failure by attacking densely populated areas in Tripoli as well as Tripoli's Mitiga Airport.

Gununu said the Libyan Army will respond mercilessly to any breaches of the ceasefire by Haftar's forces.

This comes after the UN Security Council has approved by 14 votes out 15 - Russia abstained - a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Libya.