Human Rights Solidarity said a number of imprisoned women at Tripoli-based Mitiga prison carried out a hunger strike in protest of being held in custody for years without trial.

The human rights body called on the Attorney General's Office to immediately release the women, whom it said have not been found guilty of any charges.

"The Government of National Accord didn't release the women or even give them fair trials despite UN and international reports that documented abuse at Mitiga prison." A legal researcher at Human Rights Solidarity explained.

Meanwhile, the researcher said Souq Al-Jumua municipality, where the prison is located, didn't provide any initiatives for those jailed women, adding that the violations and abuse at the prison against locked-up women "are similar to those practiced by Muammar Gaddafi's security apparatuses in Abu Salim prison before 2011."

Mitiga prison - inside Mitiga airbase and within a few meters from Mitiga airport - is run by the Special Deterrence Force (Anti Organized Crime and Terrorism Deterrence Apparatus). The prison harbors over 3600 inmates, including women and children, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.