The younger brother of Manchester Arena suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, has been arrested in Tripoli, security forces reported on Wednesday.

The Special Deterrence Force (SDF) said Hashim Abedi, 20, was arrested on Tuesday at 8:30 PM local time while he was receiving LYD 4500 transferred to him from his brother to carry out a terrorist attack in Tripoli.

“He was under security surveillance for about a month and a half,” the SDF reported in its Facebook page.

Preliminary interrogation with Hashim has revealed that the two brothers are members of the radical group of ISIS and that he had enough information about Manchester bombing.

“Hashim left Britain on April 04, 2017, and he was in constant contact with his brother Salman prior to the bombing,” the SDF said.

Salman Abedi, a dual Libyan-British citizen, detonated an explosive device inside Manchester Arena Monday night killing 22 people.