By Mohammad Amar Ma’ruf, Charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli - Libya

It is happy moment to see the first ink being taken to begin new cooperation to pursue the need of community enhancing their knowledge and capacity in making such products. Both sides  admit that their melting pot of  culture and tradition  have inspired their community life in making unique products, one of them is to create marine and creative economic products assist the value of culture emerged and economically used for the peoples who live in the mainland and for the peoples who lives in coastal area.

To realize the above development, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and the Chamber of Tripoli have moved forward to implement exchanging best practices program as one of the element that being agreed to do  under the Letter of Intent in January  2021. In the year of 2022, The Chamber of Tripoli-Libya and the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli managed to explore marine management development technology in Indonesia, by organizing the Virtual Seminar on the sectors. This seminar is done successfully and will be followed with technical meetings (offline and online) in the coming period.

To note how effective these issues will guide the both countries and local peoples development, the Embassy has opened and given an opportunity to have direct dialog between stakeholders in Libya and in Indonesia in knowing better situation of the above issues development that include also the issue of protecting sustainable development goals/SDGs by paying attention to need of enhancing capacity of human development and environment quality.

Libya and Indonesia are coastal state which have abundant of resources. These resources are deserved to be protected for contributing the welfare of their peoples.  Not only counting the number of population that both countries have but also accounting for how important to provide the skill and knowledge of them in treating their natural assets for their generations.

To pursue the above needs, Indonesia feels necessary to share how connecting flow of information that happened in the country being known by the surrounding. In other words, Indonesia is open to share their best practices that may give good impact to their surrounding or globe.

Just several years, the international community has adopted resolution  the UN General Resolution of Creative Economy through  Resolution No. A/RES/74/198 in the years 2021, Indonesia is committed in supporting people creative economy that has proven its contribution to the economic growth even during the pandemic era. This sector is driven to be a pillar in Indonesia economic development.

To strengthen this commitment,  the technical Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Indonesian Mission Aboard are heading the same target to pursue and achieve the main target of world destination today, namely the Economic Recovery with many stakeholders collaborations, national and internationally.

On 30 March 2022, as the series of international event that being organized by Indonesia since 2021, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized Virtual Public Discussion under Reflection and International Economic Creative Cooperation Development, which is being attended by at least 25 national and international speakers including from UNCTAD, WIPO, UNESCO, UNIDO and UN Women.

This event have addressed valuable best practices from all speakers ranging from issue of management including protection  and copy right for the benefit not only the actors and products but also for the environment as being targets in the Sustainable Goals/SDGs. These best practices shows that the people equality, productivities and transparency in managing their asset from the Marine, Land or Forests with the sustainable manners will protects their income and environment sustainably. It means the value of sustainability is really depends how peoples treat sustainably their environment.

From the above point of views, the measures that being targeted by the Embassy and the Chambers of Tripoli-Libya is providing the Libyan Actors how they manage and explore the heritage assets without neglecting the role of human in all races and their obligation to give and share knowledge and appropriate tools for enhancing their economic creative actors/actresses in creating sustainably economic products with is uniqueness.

To deepen the above efforts, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli also touch the need to synergize the current information technology development that may relate to the enhancement of people awareness in optimizing their technical knowledge in making the products have a value added.

In line with that above purpose, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia is happy to bridge the Libyan Technical Ministries, the Chambers or related stakeholders in Libya to explore their intention in order to have more technical needs and information by search the link THE Global Centre of Excellence for International Cooperation and Creative Economy (G-CINC) through the link:  

The establishment of The Global Center of Excellence for International Cooperation and Creative Economy (G-CINC) is a form of the Indonesian government’s commitment to implementing the Bali Agenda for Creative Economy. GCINC is built become a center for knowledge and resource management both from within and outside the country in the research and development of the Creative Economy. GCINC focus to increase the growth of the Creative Economy in its contribution to GDP, employment and sustainable export activities. By designing, developing, and implementing programs for increasing international cooperation (bilateral, regional, and multilateral) and capacity building for the development of creative economic capacity. 

In the above relations, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli welcomes  the role of all related stakeholder in disseminating, promoting, and protecting the local wisdom  that may enhance the capability and quality local people and environment.   These effort are very essential in developing the Economic Creative among peoples.  In this regards, the Embassy appreciates to the effort of Libyan Centre for Archives and Historical Studies and to  Ali Gharyani Book Centre in Tajoura  in keeping the archives that depicting the Peace efforts, promoting Culture and Empowering products that show contribution of local resident to the their respective national development based on their capacities.

To conclude this humble article, let me thank for all my colleagues support from Libya and international community and pray that our effort in promoting culture, social, economic and international cooperation and in combating pandemic to enhance our health and welfare of our two peoples be blessed by the Allah azza wa jalla.  Aaameen Ya Robbal Aaalameen.


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer