By Mohammad Amar Ma’ruf, Charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli - Libya

This month is the amazing moment for the economic, trade and technical and also services stakeholders in Libya. Within this golden May, we have witnessed a very successful moment and productive interaction among the above mentioned stakeholders in Libya were held, such as the The 48TH  Tripoli International Fair (held on 8-15 May 2022) and just today, we witness the Opening  the 12th Libya Build in Tripoli International ground fair scheduled from 30 May to June 2, 2022.

The moment brings more hope not only for the local stakeholders but also at least for international participants in this very crucial moment to be able to show  their positive contribution to  public services and business services.

It is also very enlightening moment when we, diplomatic communities, are being invited with a very generous and professional committee to be able to get together with related stakeholders that give each other a chance to exchange and create a productive interaction.  I do personally acknowledge that the committee has positively arranged the moment for all guests from diplomatic communities and successfully give their warm welcome that may bring back their memory with the moment of truth when Libya had made successful event in the years back in the 70s.  

We acknowledge that Libya is located in a very strategic location that connects Africa and European   countries especially with the countries situated at Mediterranean   regions.   This perspective become more modest when the Mediterranean peoples see the water is unifying them not separating them.

It is good to note during the deliberation among the diplomatic communities that topographical situation between coastal area and mainland are different and have their own characteristic and challenges.

The moment of May Festive give us the invitee who come from many regions in the globe, for myself, I came from the Archipelagic countries from the East (Indonesia) and even those who come from the European continent,  get understood on how the Fair give us the technical knowledge that may reduce  burdens and obstacles in doing  development process between area of coastal states and in the area of mainland countries in the term of technical devices.   Some says that infrastructure for the coastal state has more easier comparing with the mainland situation. Off course it will be interesting topic to be further discussed.

During this Fair, the above issues has been addressed quite good from the diversity and specialty products that being exhibited by  participants or exhibitors in this Fair. While the participants of this  Fair actually are recorded  more than 90 companies coming from abroad and more than 100 company from inside Libya. The committee (atex and ufi)  is quite well-prepared in managing  related stakeholders that support development process  under the patronage of Prime Minister Office and in collaboration with Ministry of Economic and Trade, Ministry of Housing and Construction and Ministry of Water Resources of Libya and event Ministry of Oil and Gas,  Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry and Media and security officers/Ministry of Interior. Their target is clear to sustain and support public services and utilities and business services.

Substantively, the government sides and participants are quite aware to bring the sustainable energies sectors as the future energy that may make Libya become more colorful and diversified in doing their economic, trade, technical and services activities. As it is clearly mentioned during the chat of Minister of Economic and Trade of Libya with diplomatic communities that South of Libya offers big opportunity to build sustainable energy based on Solar. These huge potential energies will bring more prosperous Libya without forgetting and ignoring conventional energies that has become backbone of basic income for the country.

For the above reasons, this May Festive (Tripoli Trade International Fair and Libya Build Fair) bring more opportunities to all national stakeholders inside Libya to think how they can contribute more positively to the Libyan needs without neglecting their capacity and their neighbor countries capacity from the north and the south and even from the Far East like Indonesia.

For the case of Indonesia, in the year of 2022 where now Indonesia is holding the Presidency of G20, the issues of sustainable energy and health and also the issue of creative economic are pillar for the forthcoming  development activities that have to be carried out sustainably and be paid attention  in the process of trade and construction activities. Our target is at least the world development  can be more modest in doing their development process by paying attention to  their environment, energy and food security.

We have to think that we develop for our future generation not only for our existing or current generation. For that reason, I am very appreciate and happy to acknowledge that sustainable energy is always on the agenda of the development,  even though  we could not leash out abruptly from the role of conventional energies that now becoming more crucial in needs due to the certain crises.

Today event (Libya Build 2022) also bring us to the certain consciousness that international cooperation is very  vital element in building the sector of public utilities and services and business services development process. We acknowledge that the characteristic of the countries are in complimentary needs to each other. In this issue, it remind us about how important to empower our national stakeholders  by establishing partnership for the sustainable development program.

In that regards, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli and also other Embassies in Tripoli with its agent of development are very keen to bridge the Libyan needs in order to be able to play significant  role not only for empowering Libyan peoples  and but also for creating resource of economic of  Libyan and its surrounding. 

I, as the Charge d’Affaires a.i.  of the Embassy of the Republic  of Indonesia  in Tripoli is happy to be part of that development process and shares its highest appreciation to the organizing committee and also to all participants including my diplomatic  colleagues in supporting Libyan Peoples in building Libya  that we  believe will also bring the prosperity to other regions.

To maintain this process, let me also bridge this very good moment to support the complementary needs for all Libyan stakeholders with the Indonesian economic and trade national agenda, especially for  the public and business stakeholders in Libya to attend the big event in Indonesia in order to be able to fulfill  their complementary situation relating to their need of  such products (economic, trade, investment, technical and services) , namely in occasion of  the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI 2022) that usually will be held in October every years in Indonesia. This event will be more interesting since In shaa Allah it will be held  in the near of  the organization of the G20 Summit in Indonesia. Hope with this interaction, our level communication will be bigger and cover the complementary aspects that normally happen among the global stakeholders.

At last, let us pray that May Allah the Almighty God give us healthy and strength to work together in improving our economic situation due to the pandemic and also due to  unnatural disasters.



Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer