By Mohammad Amar Ma’ruf, Charge d’affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli - Libya

It is an honor for the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli as non-Arab countries and non Islamic State’s Foreign Mission to be invited on this important congress held in Tripoli on December 18-20, 2021 in the commemoration of the Arabic International Day. This event was organized by Libyan Arabic Language Association under the patronage of Ministries Council. For our humble knowledge the invitation is sent due to Indonesia position as  a most moslem-populated   country and also as one of the founding countries of Organization of Islamic Countries which then become Organization of Islamic Cooperation/OIC.

The Congress successfully done and attended by many prominent figures and scholars of the Arabic Language who are active on many research/studies and produced their publication. During these three days gathering, they have shared their thought, ideas and innovation of meaning of the Arabic language in line with their greatest research on Holy Qur’an as the source of information or basic sources words in Arabic languages.

The Congress has discussed deeply all substances and technical element of learning and studying of Arabic language which cannot be separated with the Holy Qur’an as the source of reference that being written in Arabic. The source of information is originated from the Revelation of God Almighty Allah descended to His Prophet Muhammad PBuH through Gabriel Angel. This revelation which then be written and codificated in Arabic languages by Sahabat of Prophet.

As the religious peoples, the people’s understanding toward language are convincingly guided by the God Almighty Goodness for all peoples in order to  communicate  intellectually or commonly in their surrounding.   It is logic and naturally happen due to many languages are created by the God Almighty. In the context of Arabic language, the source of development of this language is enriched from the Revelation words mentioned in Qur’an.

The God Almighty with His blessing give understanding to peoples who are being guided to understand all aspect of revelation word in Qur’an comprehensively and contextually. It means peoples are given an ability to understand Qur’an (Revelation words) which written in Arabic Languages explicitly and implicitly through understanding the sign of  Universe, including their surrounding, into their language. This approach implies obligation for people to deepen their understanding toward Revelation word (Qur’an) and the Universe. In other words, more people understanding the Revelation words (Qur’an), more people inventing the secret of the sign of the Universe.

It is understood that Arabic language is one the international languages. This language is used by many peoples in the world. As one the widen spoken language, Arabic is not only describing  the existing objects but also develop and find new words as long as the studies of Revelation word in Qur’an and the Universe also carried out. In other words, Arabic language is growing depend on how people learn Qur’an Revelation words in order to be able to more accommodative in translating sign in the Universe. Those sign in the Universe are interlinked with the words in Qur’an.

To know how enormous of sign of the Universe, peoples seem have to know how deep people’s understanding the miracle of Revelation words in the Qur’an.   To understand means to have capacity in communicating object in the universe with the sign that implicitly and explicitly written in Holy Qur’an. For the believer of tauheed teaching  the sign of the universe is only little part of the miracle of the Revelation words (Qur’an) which include all goodness of God Almighty Allah in the world and in the hereafter.

It is very relevant that the invitation to learn and get knowledge revelation word then apply and diseminate will make people more rewarded than other who doesn’t. For the linguistic, this attribute is interpreted into the detail on how the language be spoken and how the sound being written. Different sound may have different meaning.

In that context, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia highly appreciates the expert of such language who are kind to share their knowledge to give peoples a chance to enhance their knowledge especially in learning Arabic Language with the translation of using their native language and uncommon language or what it call as Isaarah Language. Language for Special Need Persons, like the Deaf and the Mute.

To mark the above activity, during the Congress, especially at the Opening Session, the Charge d’Affairs has shared the general idea in developing the Program that we name it as Electronic Masdar (E-Masdar). The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia has Initiated the humble program of studying Arabic  from the verses of Revelation words (Qur'an)  from Juz’amma (Short Verses). This program actually can be read and  is available by clicking the link in google drive as mentioned:


The above program is directed to invite all stakeholder in the field of technical education center to use and develop this with their local peoples and languages, and especially with and for Special Need Persons who are actually have the same right to have education access of this information. Beside the substantial messages, this digital work also involve and create opportunity to all related stakeholders to contribute and share their best practices for better condition of its peoples through Arabic language and Isaarah/Sign Languages.

Realizing how large the resources in the Universe, the understanding of sign in the Universe must be found through establishing collaboration in widening our understanding about Revelation Words derived from Qur’an. This perspective has invited all stakeholders to organize many seminar and workshop to elaborate and study the miracle of Revelation words from Qur’an. Such a seminar under the theme of “The Qur’an language unify us” organized by Islamic Call College (Kuliah Dakwah Islamiyah Tripoli) on December 26, 2021,   underlines  the importance for all element in all level in giving a chance or opportunity for people in the society to optimize their knowledge to study and get Hikmah/Good things from the Revelation word (Qur’an). The proper learning of this revelation word with the expert will gain  positive impact and contribute positive development for its peoples and society and  even for the world.

The above efforts  (Congress and Workshop/Seminar) consider as a strategic action that give a good impact for intellectual world (education, social and technical institutions) to work hand in hand with all stakeholders in order to give an opportunity for its peoples to share their best practices on language that derivated from the Revelation words (holy book) not the source of Information which has baseless or hoax.

In that regards, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with the technical persons/institution in Indonesia is ready to collaborate in the years to come in sharing best practices on this issue.  May Allah Azza wa Jalla give us direction to work for the benefit of two peoples and countries and also for all peoples in the world in general.


Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Libya Observer