Out of the blue, the coach of the Libyan national soccer team, Adel Amrouche, has left the training camp in Tunisia just four days before Libya plays Nigeria as part of AFCON 2019 qualifiers.

Meanwhile, sources close to the Libyan Football Federation (LFF) said earlier that there had been a request by players and some of the management's personnel lodged at the LFF to meet and discuss the possibility of sacking Amrouche for his "random coaching."

Amrouche is a Belgian-Algerian coach who was contracted by Libya last May.

Other sources close to the LFF's Chairman Jamal Al-Jaafari denied such a request, saying Amrouche was upset at the delay of his salary payment and he went to Tunisia to solve the issue.

Amrouche himself spoke after the news had broken saying the LFF is very negligent and has not paid him for six months now, pointing fingers at players and his Libyan assistant Omar Al-Maryami saying he was mistreated along with his Algerian assistants, who have been refused payments by the LFF - telling him to pay them himself.

Libya is going to play Nigeria on October 13 as part of the third round qualifiers of Group 5 of Cameroon 2019 AFCON.

Libyan Omar Al-Miryami is possibly the one to lead Libya for the home and away matches against Nigeria.