Al-Akhdar team of Libya is in a tough situation after drawing 1-1 with Congo-based Saint Eloi Lupopo in the Confederation Cup of African Football match that was held on Wednesday at the Benina Martyrs Stadium in Benghazi.

Al-Akhdar suffered two losses in front of Saint Eloi Lupopo and Marumo Galants of South Africa while tying with USM Alger and on his second clash with Saint Eloy Lupopo on Wednesday

Malanga Mwako of Congo gave his team the lead 15 minutes into the match before Al-Akhdar's striker Richmond Boaki scored a stoppage-time equalizer to claim a 1-1 draw to Saint Eloy Lupopo at the Benina Martyrs.

With this result, Al-Akhdar is now at the ropes' end, dragging seven points behind the leading team in Group A, Marumo Gallants, and five points behind second-place holder USM Alger.

The team will lock horns with the Maromo Galantis at the Benina Martyrs Stadium before playing his last group confrontation in Algeria with the 2015 CAF runner-up USM Alger.