The Libyan Prime Minister inspected the maintenance and development work at the Tripoli International Stadium, as workers continued to work on the seats and the pitch of the stadium during the visit, as work on the hybrid turf for the stadium's pitch began three days ago.

According to footage published by Hakomitna, Dbeibah asked the technical officials about preparing the stadium and about the accomplished work, stressing “the need to take care of the stadium so that it does not consume the grass, for the sake of Libyan youth, and the need for the stadium to be on a global level and to allow Libyans to attend matches like those they watch for major world clubs.”

Officials at the stadium said that the turf being installed is the best in the world, and is similar to that found in the Bernabeu Stadium owned by Real Madrid, in the Spanish capital.

Last December, the Administrative Centers and Development Authority announced that the completion rate of the Tripoli International Stadium project had reached about 75%. Yet, maintenance started more than two years ago, and Dbeibah's government announced dates for the opening of the stadium on more than one occasion to no result.