Libyan Soccer League is going to kick off on Tuesday bringing back the sports vibe to the Libyan soccer fans after a period of uncertainty due to the Libyan crisis over the past two years.

The first round of the league will, however; begin on Tuesday without spectators at the stadiums.

Al-Itihad Mistarati will play Al-Olamby at Misrtat stadium at 5:30 local time, while Gurdabiya will play Tarasana at Janzour Academy stadium.

At Tarhouna stadium, Al-Khums will play Rafiq and Al-Andalus will play Al-Nujoom Ajdabiya at its stadium.

Meanwhile, the Libyan Football Federation (LFF) delayed for next week the matches of the teams whose players are playing for the national Libyan team in the 2018 African Nations Championship qualifiers.

The LFF divided the Libyan Soccer League into four groups as per the geographical area of the teams. The top team of each group will qualify for the final round, which will be points-based. The team with the most points will then be crowned with 2017/2018 Libyan Soccer League's title.