The Competitions Committee of the Libyan Football Federation has decided to postpone the resumption of matches of the 5th round of the second leg of the Premier League until 5th of May.

The Committee had previously announced that the dates for the stage matches will start on Wednesday, April 26, with Al-Nasr and its guest Al-Akhdar to play on the grounds of Benina Martyrs Stadium in Benghazi.

The Premier League halted its games during the holy month of Ramadan, due to lack of light in some stadiums, and some clubs declined to play during the holy month of fasting.

Before the start of the new round, Al-Ahly Benghazi leads the first group of the league with 24 points, followed by Al-Nasr with 22 points, one point ahead of Al-Akhdar, which finished third with 21 points.

Al-Hilal is in 4th place with 19 points, Al-Soukour 5th with 18 points, Al-Sadaqa 6th  with 17 points, Darnes 7th with 16 points, whereas  AL-Ta’awon came in 8th place with 13 points, Al-Tahaddy 9th with 11 points, and finally Al-Jabal with one point.

In the 2nd group, Al-Ittihad still leads the group at 27 points, followed by Al-Ahli of Tripoli with 23 points, Abu Salem with 22 points, Olympic Azzaweya in 4th place with 18 points, and Asswehly with 17 points. Assarya is in 6th place with 14 points, Al-Madina with 8 points is in 7th place, Al-Mahala with 6 points in the 8th place, while Al-Khums and AL-Ittihad of Misurata trailing behind with 5 points each.