Rajab Okasha Sports Complex in Tripoli will open its doors soon to sports activities as the maintenance work at the complex is nearing completion, the Ministry of Sports confirmed on Saturday.

According to a statement by the ministry, the concrete dome of the complex underwent maintenance and technical improvements. It also noted that developments included establishing new facilities within the compound.

The executive company confirmed that the project would be finalized and handed to the Ministry of Sports within 60 days.

The ministry explained that the step comes within the projects targeted through (The Return of Life Programme) launched by the government of National unity, reiterating that the Minister of Sports, Abdul Shafie Al-Juweifi's attention remains focused on developing sports facilities throughout Libya.

It may be worth noting that the Rajab Okasha Sports Complex is considered one of Tripoli's landmarks, as its construction dates back to the 1960s.

Its arenas witnessed significant sporting events, including an exhibition match joined by world boxing champion Muhammad Ali Clay in 1974.

Also, on its grounds, Libya's Tersana volleyball team was crowned champions of the Arab Volleyball Clubs in 1978.