The deal is meant to stem the smuggling of Libyan subsidized goods and fuel into Tunisia

Heads of offices at the Libyan side of the Ras Ajdair border and their counterparts from the Tunisian side as well as Tunisian government officials agreed on a deal that has several conditions and regulations to protect the rights of the travelers from both countries.

The spokesman of the Ras Ajdair border from the Libyan side, Hafith Moamar, said among the conditions that the two countries agreed on are the point that obliges the travelers to commit to a certain specified amount of goods that they can take with them while crossing the border.

“Only personal goods, with quantities that are not for trade or business, can be allowed to pass to Tunisia or to Libya.” Moamar added, saying they both agreed to prevent any attempts to smuggle fuel out of Libya under all circumstances.

He also added that the movement on the border will be resumed in the coming couple of days after the security preparedness is done and after the passport system technicalities are fixed on both sides.

Despite the fact that Ras Ajdair remained open from both sides, no travelling movement was registered recently over the protests of Ben Guerdane district, near the border with Libya, which protested the decision of Libyan authorities to ban exportation of the imported commodities in Libya to Tunisia illegally.