The Deputy Chairman of the Presidential Council, Ahmed Maitiq, gave a 10-day deadline for the Tripoli General Services Company to remove garbage from the streets, or he will take firm actions against them.

This came during a meeting held on Saturday with the Minister of Local Government Badad Qansu, mayors and officials of the company, after the accumulation of garbage in the streets of Tripoli, which created a stir among the citizens.

The garbage crisis was due to the closure of the transitional landfills located in Abu Salim and Al-Suwani district, before being transferred to the main dumpster in the district of Sidi Al-Sayih.

The officials discussed the problems and difficulties that hinder the work, including the shortage of expatriate workers and the garbage transport mechanisms that have not been developed since 2006, in addition to the delays in the payment of the supporting companies, according to the Information Office of Presidential Council.