The Libyan Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohammed Al-Huweij, approved in a meeting on Wednesday the investment and commercial register of the joint Libyan-Spanish company for aircraft maintenance and air freight services - in implementation of the Minister of Economy’s decision No. 266 of 2023 regarding the implementation of the “ADFCO” station project for aircraft maintenance and air cargo at Misurata International Airport by the joint Libyan-Spanish company, in which the share of Afriqiyah Airways reached 51%, and that of the Spanish Air Business Group SL reached 49%. 

According to the Ministry of Economy, Afriqiyah Airways will do the periodic maintenance of aircraft at a value of 150 million euros annually, noting that the implementation of the maintenance station project contributes to reducing costs by 50% in addition to the revenues that the company obtains from aircraft maintenance from other private companies.

"This maintenance station will be the largest center in North Africa, and it will also provide great job opportunities for no less than 2,000 positions, as well as training and qualification programs for national cadres in cooperation with leading international companies in the field," The Ministry said.

The Ministry pointed out that Afriqiyah Airways started traveling to multiple destinations and operating direct flights from Mitiga Airport to Italy, Germany, Spain and from there to the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Economy confirmed that the implementation of investment projects for air transport services contributed to the development of commercial traffic and of the national economy, calling on the Libyan-Spanish joint company to start implementing aircraft maintenance stations and contribute to raising the level of air freight services at Libyan airports, in addition to coordinating with the competent institutions to open horizons of cooperation with international companies for air freight services to support the movement of business owners and the transport of goods.