The Italian-Libyan Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Libyan embassy in Italy and in cooperation with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, is preparing to organize the “Libya and Italy...Growing Together” event, which will see the largest participation of Italian and Libyan companies since 2011.

According to Nova news agency, the Chairman of the Italian-Libyan Chamber of Commerce, is scheduled to open the proceedings of the meeting, which will be held on December 6 in a hotel in Tripoli, in the presence of representatives of Italian and Libyan institutions and about 100 Libyan businesspeople, in order to launch a new phase of increasing trade exchanges and developing bilateral relations.

According to the Italian news agency, the event includes the participation of sectors of construction, infrastructure, engineering, architecture, logistics services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, cosmetics, agriculture, agri-food, foods; oil and gas; and digital technologies, among others.

The event will also witness the organization of sector meetings in the afternoon between Libyan and Italian entrepreneurs in order to facilitate communication between companies.