The Central Bank of Libya has received Monday gold bars weighing 333 kg and foreign currency sums, including 1.7 million euros and 500,000 dollars from the Mitiga airport security brigade, an official in the Mitiga airport security brigade disclosed.

The intercepted money and gold were handed over in the presence of a delegate from the Attorney General’s Office, Tripoli Silver and Gold Market Chairman, Chief of Drugs and Smuggling Fight Department in Tajoura, CBL’s assigned committee and the airport security brigade members.

Similarly, the Head of Investigations Bureau in the Attorney General’s Office, Al-Saddeeq Al-Soor, explained that the handover was organized by the Attorney General’s Office, pointing out that the gold bars and foreign currency will be deposited in the CBL’s treasury and that the culprits are still under interrogation.

On March 06, the Libyan authorities in Tripoli-based Mitiga airport foiled an attempt to smuggle gold bars and millions of foreign currency to Dubai via a flight to Istanbul.