Minister of Labor and Rehabilitation, Al-Mahdi Al-Amin has said his ministry is set to launch the youth employment and training program, in line with the Presidential Council’s decision issued in this regard.

"Those registered as job seekers within the ministry's systems for this year until the 30th of July amount to 128,679," the minister said in a statement published on the ministry's Facebook page, noting that these figures include unemployed people from various regions of the country.

The data released by the ministry showed that job seekers hit 72,649 men, as against 5,6030 females. The ministry also indicated that the western region ranked the highest when it comes to those looking for jobs, with 71,303 job seekers, after it comes the central region with 35,151, then the southern region with 9,895,000, while the eastern region registered 7,330,000 job seekers.

Besides, the ministry's data showed that the number of university graduates seeking jobs is also relatively high with 5,0643.

The Minister of Labor and Rehabilitation called on the ministry's offices across the country to connect directly with the Ministry's Information and Documentation Center.

He also asked the Ministry of Finance for its cooperation in terms of stalled contracts for workers in the public sector during the years from “2015 to 2019”, while at the same time urging job seekers in various cities to quickly register in this system from the labor offices in their regions.