labour law

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah on Wednesday approved a decision to form a committee for identifying public-sector employees managing another job in the private sector.

The Ministry of Labour recently announced a campaign to regulate the labour market by tackling overlap and duplication between the public and private sectors.

Under the campaign, the ministry inspected private companies and small businesses to ensure their commitment to the legal procedures, as the labour legislation prohibits public-sector employees from working as self-employed.

The committee consists of officials from the Ministry of Finance, Labour, Civil Service, the Commercial Registry Authority, and the Information Authority.

The decree excludes those working to organize and develop the private sector.

Dbeibah voiced his support for institutions working to develop the private and public sectors at Wednesday's meeting that grouped the Minister of Labour, the head of the Commercial Registry Authority, the head of the Municipal Guard, and a representative of the Ministry of Finance.

Recently, Minister Ali Al-Abed of Labour and Rehabilitation warned to suspend the salaries of government employees working in the private sector, except in the retired category.

The minister justified the step on the grounds of the government's decision to increase the salaries of its employees.

The move drew widespread controversy and frustration among civil servants, who deemed it an ill decision given the lack of liquidity in banks and the government's failure to pay the salaries on time.