Labor Ministry

The Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation said that 86% of workers (142 out of 166 ones) in the Libyan Post Telecommunications and Information Technology Company (LPTITC) have two jobs. 

The Ministry published the results of the inspection campaigns aimed at monitoring the dual jobs of workers in companies affiliated with the LPTITC, and commercial banks, on its Facebook page on Sunday.

In the rest of the telecommunications companies, the percentage ranged between 6% and 17%, with a total of 1,092 employees, out of 11,434 ones. As for commercial banks, 140 out of 279 employees at Nuran Bank had dual employment, at a rate of 35%, then the Islamic Bank came second with a rate of 32%: 184 out of 575 employees. The percentage of the remaining banks ranged between 2% and 27%, with a total of 2,148 out of 22,828 employees with dual jobs.

The Ministry of Labor announced a few days ago that it was about to launch a campaign to reduce duality of employment between the private and public sectors, stressing that most of the employees of private sector companies are government-paid employees.