Labor Ministry

Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation announced on Monday the detection of 45,124 cases of job duplication across the country in 2023.

The Ministry shared the results of the job duplication matching and inspection campaigns for 2023 on its Facebook page. 

The inspection campaigns verified 338,962 files, covering 206 offices in the administrative apparatus, companies, and the private sector.

Regarding the Job Duplication Settlement Committee outcomes, the Ministry noted that 22,675 employees applied for settlement, while 19,124 employees were suspended. All resignations were referred to the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry also clarified that a total of 1,902 work sites across various municipalities were visited during these inspections.

In June, Minister of Labour Ali Al-Abed announced the launch of a comprehensive inspection campaign to control job duplication between the public and private sectors under the slogan "Enforcing the Law and Reviving the Labour Market."