The Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation organized on Wednesday in Tripoli a roundtable for a number of ambassadors and the International Labor Organization to enhance cooperation in the field of labor governance, legal immigration, and expatriate workers.

The attendees reviewed ways to ensure the implementation of bilateral agreements related to the movement of expatriate workers, and bilateral and regional mechanisms to strengthen partnership in the field of migration management.

The Minister of Labor and Rehabilitation, Ali Al-Abed, said in his welcoming speech to the ambassadors that they were about to launch a new system through the Central Bank of Libya and commercial banks to guarantee the rights of expatriate workers, regulate their work, and benefit from them to strengthen the labor market, support the national economy and  reconstruction projects.

The roundtable aimed to strengthen dialogue, cooperation mechanisms, knowledge, skills and capabilities to meet the challenges related to effective immigration and labor management, and to evaluate current cooperation mechanisms in the field of immigration management or the methods available for issuing identity documents for foreign workers in Libya.

Attendees also included the Head of the International Organization for Migration’s mission in Libya, Tauhid Pasha, the Italian ambassador, Gianluca Alberini, the European Union ambassador, Nicola Orlando, among others.