The Acting Minister of Oil and Gas Ali Al-Abed on Tuesday reviewed with the head of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanalla the challenges facing the oil sector during a meeting at the ministry’s HQ in Tripoli.

A statement by the NOC on Facebook disclosed that the meeting addressed several files related to the functioning of the oil institutions and companies.

 Sanalla provided a clear explanation of the progress of oil and gas production in the oil facilities, besides the challenges disrupting the operations in the NOC and oil companies throughout the country.

For his part, Al-Abed stressed the need for coordination to resolve difficulties due to the importance of the oil sector, highlighting that it is the primary resource of the national economy, and in this regard, the two sides discussed the budgetary concerns and ways to overcome the issue.

The minister also got an insight into the executive position of the South Refinery for Oil Refining and the Domestic Gas Production Plant, which was delayed for decades, stressing the continuation of coordination and support for efforts of the Oil Ministry, the NOC, and the oil companies to ensure the advancement of this sensitive sector.

The Ministry of Oil and Gas announced last Monday that Minister Mohamed Aoun is on annual leave for ten days, due to particular circumstances, affirming that he would return to Libya soon to take on his responsibilities.