The acting minister of education at the Interim Government of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) Agoup Abdullah, said they arrested the persons responsible for leaking secondary school final exam questions and they are now under investigation.

Agoup added in a statement on Tuesday afternoon that the leak was in the subjects of Physics and Mechanics as well as Composition, Literary Texts and Rhetoric.

"Investigation is still ongoing and the people involved will be publicized after the investigation is done." Agoup explained.

He also said that they are working on bringing down the whole network that helped leak the exams questions, adding that they will be duly punished to deter others from doing such deeds that affect Libyan youths' future.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Interim Government's education ministry announced canceling exams for Physics and Mechanics as well as Composition, Literary Texts and Rhetoric that were conducted in the morning, saying the exam will be repeated for those subjects after the other subjects are completed.

Social media pages were awash with leaked exam questions since early Tuesday morning for the the above mentioned subjects in the schools of the Interim Government in the eastern region.

All schools in eastern Libya, except for Derna and other western and southern region's cities, are part of the Interim Government of Abdullah Al-Thinni and are not linked to the UN-proposed government, which is followed in this regard by most educational areas in the country.

Meanwhile, the UN-proposed government confirmed since the start of the exams on last Sunday that all matters are going well as regards to the exams, citing no violations.