Members of the Information and Communications Affairs Control Department arrested the man who published exams questions and answers' papers on social media, during the assessment exams for students of the last year of secondary school: both literary and scientific sections.

The Attorney General’s Office said that the technical measures taken following the Attorney General’s instructions enabled the department to identify those who contributed to publishing the questions, and then detained the perpetrator who was brought in by members of the police force working in the Office of Information and Security Follow-up at the Ministry of Interior.

The measures also unveiled a breach of confidentiality within student-examiner control committees and students whose answer sheets were published by tracking the distinctive functions of the exam papers and their technical fingerprint that allows the paper to be attributed to a specific student.

"The arrest of the perpetrator comes within the framework of prosecuting the perpetrators of acts that could limit the effectiveness of the examination process and the goals of education.

Social media outlets published on Sunday and Monday questions and answers of the General Secondary Certificate exams in a clear violation of the confidentiality of exams and the principle of equal opportunities among students.