The head of the media office of the Education Ministry Ramadan Al-Ghadwi said they included Amazigh language subject (outside the required school credit) and did not remove it from the syllabus in the areas where the language is spoken.

“Putting it outside the required school credit means it could not fail students.” The ministry says.

Al-Ghadwi told reporters that such a step comes as there are many students who don’t speak Amazigh in the areas where the subject is being taught, adding that the ministry is still printing out Amazigh language books just like other subjects.

The Education Minister Othman Abdeljalil’s decision to keep Amazigh subject under the required average of school credit sparked controversy in Amazigh-speaking areas, where the subject is considered major.

Supreme Council of Libya’s Amazigh said the education ministry’s decision is a violation of laws and legislations as well as the constitutional declaration and the international conventions.

“This adds to systematic marginalization of the language. All education offices in Amazigh areas should reject the decision of the education ministry. We blame the Presidential Council and the ministry for the ramifications of this ‘racist decision.’” The Amazigh council remarked.