The Ambulance and Emergency Service in Kufra city confirmed the arrival of seven cases with scorpion stings, to Attiya Alkasah Hospital last night.

"Three of the cases were children, among them a girl who was admitted to the intensive care unit," the Ambulance Service explained.

During the past few days, a girl from the city died of a scorpion sting, amid conflicting reports of her death.

Some said that it was due to lack of serum doses in the hospital; which the hospital strongly denied, while others said she didn't receive medical care in time.

People in the south are suffering this period of time of the spread of scorpions in the region due to high temperatures.

Last summer, dozens have died of scorpion stings amid the lack of anti-vaccines, before the Ministry of Health provided hospitals in the south with the treatment required, in coordination with the World Health Organization.