Libya on Friday welcomed the first batch of Bangladesh medical recruits to cover the deficit in the various disciplines in hospitals and health centres in the southern region.

Deputy Prime Minister/ Minister of Health Ramadan Abu Jinnah issued decision No. (705) for the year 2022, giving the green light to bring in 2,000 medical and paramedical personnel from Bangladesh to meet the needs of hospitals nationwide.

Around 21 recruiters arrived onboard Friday's flight, while other batches will follow successively within the coming days, Minister Abu Jinnah said.

The last batch of the first phase will arrive by the end of August, bringing the number to 531 Bangladesh medical and paramedical workforce, which the contract covers. 

The head of the committee for distributing foreign medical staff, Abdel-Aty Mohamed Abdel-Salam, said the deal with the Bangladesh health authority extends to one year, subject to renewal, stressing that procedures were carried out per the applicable laws and regulations of the Libyan state.