As the authorities try to stem a new wave of infections that are starting to put pressure on hospitals and isolation centres, the Sabha Medical Center sounded alarm bells that the epidemic situation has reached a tipping point in most areas of Sabha.

More people are suffering from pneumonia, and deaths from Covid-19 are increasing rapidly, the center's media office says.

The hospital is running full steam trying to keep up with the

patients streaming in, but many had to be turned away due to the lack of beds and oxygen.

"Patients are having trouble landing into beds anywhere in the Covid-19 holding facilities in the city, as all beds in the centre's Covid-19 ward and the filtration center are occupied, many of whom have been put on life-saving breathing."

The existing medical staff is being forced to do more as the centre -like many other hospitals- is having a hard time finding staff.

The centre indicated that there is a very large consumption of oxygen. Many patients need between one and a half to two cylinders per hour or 45 minutes as a minimum consumption, according to the centre.

It urged residents to adhere to the precautionary measures, the most important of which is to stay at home, especially those in contact with infected cases during this week.

It also called on the authorities to ensure the continuous supply of oxygen to the Sabha Medical Center.