The Medical Center of Sabha urged the relevant authorities to end the issue of the piling of unidentified bodies that have been placed in the mortuary for long time, asking them to finish the legal procedures and bury the corpses.

The Spokesman for the center, Osama Al-Wafi, said Wednesday that the medical center called on the municipality and the elders as well as civil societies and other local and foreign official bodies in the country to find quick solutions for this issue, which threatens the security and environment of the city.

“We hold the official authorities responsible for ending the death paperwork of the unidentified African deaths.” Al-Wafi indicated.

Al-Wafi added there are 45 dead bodies in the morgue of the medical center and the reason they are not buried lies on the city’s police and security departments as well as the prosecution office, stressing that the issue might aggravate because of the shutdown of the prosecution office in the city.