The West Coast Military Region has said that a force it dispatched to Zawiya city has withdrawn from its position after a group of "outlaws" opened fire on its members.

In a provocative attempt, an unidentified group converged near the force's HQ, throwing stones at the officers while gunshots could be heard just minutes after they arrived at the base, the West Coast Military Region stated, insisting that the purpose was to create strife within the city.

The statement disclosed that the Chief of the General Staff of the Libyan Army ordered all military units to withdraw to their barracks to preserve the civilians' lives, stressing that claims accusing the force of using arms against civilians are baseless. 

In conclusion, the force underscored that all options are open to eliminate crime dens in Zawiya, noting that it is in constant contact with all the key figures in the city to restore security and eradicate outlaw gangs.