The Institution of National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) has raised concerns over Tunisia's ongoing practice of expelling irregular migrants and asylum seekers to the Libyan borders.

In a statement, the Commission highlighted the growing humanitarian crisis along the Libyan border, accusing Tunisian authorities of "evading their ethical, legal, and humanitarian obligations."

The NCHRL revealed that large numbers of migrants have been taken to the Libyan border and transferred to the Border Guard Agency Centre in the Aseh border area, with 120 migrants being the latest group to arrive on Thursday.

Tunisian authorities assume that foreigners have passed through Libya or Algeria before entering Tunisia, even if some were intercepted at sea or entered via Tunisian airports, the statement says.

According to the NCHRL, some of these migrants have entered Tunisia through legal channels, such as airports, and some of them are registered asylum seekers with the Tunisian High Commissioner for Refugees.