The team of Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Office and the Environmental and Health Affairs Department of the National Commission for Human Rights has conducted a field visit to inspect, evaluate and follow up on the environmental, health and humanitarian conditions of the population in the Bir Al-Ghanam area in the Zawiya Al-Janoub Municipality.

The Institution explained in a statement that the team monitored the rise in water levels and its resurface, and the transformation of sewage underground tanks into wells from which polluted water overflowed, as a result of groundwater overflow.

The Institution added that the team listened to a number of citizens, who expressed their fear of a repeat of the Zliten environmental disaster in their area, and confirmed their suffering, especially in the old government houses area, which contains old wells and ponds used for grazing, as every time water is sucked, it returns again, appears on the surface and fills. The wells again mixed with sewage, some of which flowed under the floors of a number of houses.