The Organization for Science and Wildlife has expressed its dissatisfaction with the neglect of the results of the dead fish samples in the Derna seaport, which sparked widespread controversy in the environmental and scientific community, as 14 species of fish perished.

“The organization faced difficulties in analyzing the samples, due to the lack of any governmental support, as it is a non-profit organization whose goal is to take care of the marine environment, and to follow up on everything that may pose a threat to it”, the Chairman of the Organization for Science and Wildlife, Ezz El-Nasr Ebizio said to the Libyan News Agency.

Ebizio demanded the presence of analysis laboratories within the city of Derna, in order to facilitate the organization's task.

Social media platforms circulated pictures and videos showing the death of large numbers of fish in the port of Derna, while specialists attributed this to the use of "poisons or explosives" by some fishermen to catch them, warning of the serious impact on fisheries and food security.