91 members of the House of Representatives (HoR) urged the Presidency of the HoR to convene an emergency session to discuss "the disappearance of the Libyan citizen Abu Agila Masoud Al-Mariyami, and the news about him being in US custody for investigation in the Lockerbie case."

A statement issued by the HoR members described the extradition of any Libyan citizen to a foreign country outside the framework of the law as "a heinous crime and a violation of all local and international norms." It added that the Lockerbie case has been closed completely, indicating that its reopening is a abandonment of international treaties and a blatant violation by the US government as well as a bad exploitation of the conditions that Libya is going through.

Earlier, the Presidency of the HoR asked the Attorney General to file a criminal case against those involved in the "kidnapping" of Masoud and handing him over to foreign entities. This came one day after the US announced his detention, according to a letter from the legal advisor to the Presidency's Office of the House of Representatives to the Attorney General.

On Sunday, a spokesman for the US Department of Justice said in a statement that Masud was under arrest and would appear before a judge in Washington DC without specifying a date.