The Tripoli-based Al-Ahli Football Club has complained of the ill-treatment they received by members of the Special Deterrence Force in charge of Mitiga Airport protection on their arrival from Egypt on Tuesday.

The club management said the players and club officials have been subjected to irresponsible verbal abuse. On its website, the club said that treatment at Borg El Arab International Airport in Alexandria was at the highest level of respect and appreciation by the Egyptian officials, denouncing the unjust act from Tripoli's airport officials.

The club management addressed a letter to those responsible for the Special Deterrence Force to dismiss the abusers from work at the airport, demanding an investigation of the incident and a statement of apology to the team representing Libya.

"Who is responsible for selecting such persons to be in the Special Deterrence Force, which we all respect and appreciate for their role in securing the capital and its institutions?” The management asked, wondering whether persons like those abusers should be assigned to receive people in one of the most important gates of the country.

Al-Ahli FC was held to a goalless draw on Sunday by Tunisia's Étoile du Sahel in the first leg of African Champions League quarter-final match at the Burj Al Arab Stadium.

The decisive second leg match will be held on September 24 in the Tunisian city of Sousse.