Negotiations to hand over the town of Al-Asaba peacefully to Libyan Army forces under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) failed as pro-Haftar groups had refused to pull out.

The social council of Al-Asaba town announced the town under GNA's authority after negotiations done by the elders of the town, yet when some of GNA units advanced on the town to seize control, pro-Haftar forces rejected the withdrawal and opened fire on GNA forces.

A source from the town said GNA forces retreated to Jandouba Bridge between Al-Asaba and Gharyan to reorganize themselves after being hit by airstrikes by UAE drones coming from Al-Jufra airbase, killing five Gharyan Protection Force fighters and injuring 15 others.

"Libyan Air Force have targeted a vehicle laden with a UAE armored vehicle and ammunition in Al-Asaba as GNA forces mobilize forces to attack the town, possibly liberating it today (Wednesday)". The source added.

The spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu gave Tuesday an ultimatum to those fighting for Haftar in Al-Asaba, Tarhouna, Mizda and southern Tripoli, urging them to surrender themselves and their weapons, promising them a fair trial.

Badr and Tiji towns allowed GNA forces to enter without fighting, while Mizda said it would hand over control of the town to GNA forces once they arrive.