Al-Tahir Al-Baour, head of the Libyan delegation at the UN Climate Change Conference COP28, praised the conference's support for the Global Climate Fund.

Emphasizing the need for more funding to combat climate change, Al-Baour said the issue will remain at the forefront of the Libyan government's concerns and priorities.

He lauded the UAE, the host country, for successfully organizing the conference, which he deemed a success for the entire Arab region.

During his address, Al-Baour highlighted Libya's participation in climate conferences, starting with COP26 in Glasgow, Britain, and then COP27 in Egypt, indicating that the objective of Libya's participation is to present its strategic vision on climate issues.

Al-Baour also shared Libya's recent achievement of producing all of its electricity needs by relying on natural gas instead of liquid fuel to produce electrical energy.

He briefed the group on Libya's major projects to produce solar energy and the steps it had taken in this direction, including concluding agreements with southern Europe for electrical connection, investment opportunities, and knowledge transfer.