A delegation from Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos operation arrived in Qatar on an official visit on Sunday morning.

The spokesman of the operation, which uprooted IS militants from Sirte in December 2016, Mohammed Al-Ghasri said following meetings with Qatari officials that their delegation and a delegation from Misrata city arrived in Qatar to confirm that the Gulf country doesn't fund terrorism.

"We also wanted to extend our thanks and the Libyan people's thanks to Qatar for its efforts in the fight against IS terrorists." Al-Ghasri added.

He added that the Libyan delegations - of fifteen figures - met so far the Qatari Defense Minister, and the Chief of Staff, adding that they will stay in Qatar till next Wednesday.

It is noteworthy that the delegations arrived in Doha coming from Istanbul aboard a private jet. They were received by the Qatari ambassador to Libya, Mohammed Ben Naser Al Thani.