The Deputy Head of Libyan Presidential Council, Mossa Al-Koni, said in a meeting with the Congolese Foreign Minister, Jean-Claude Gakosso, Wednesday that Libya needs Africa now more than ever, while Gakosso said reconciliation and dialogue can achieve stability in the country.

Visiting Libya for the ministerial on Thursday, Gakosso and an African Union delegation met Al-Koni in Tripoli as the latter invited the Congolese President to visit Libya to support Presidential Council efforts to hold elections on time.

Gakosso hailed the Presidential Council efforts to achieve stability in Libya and expressed support for holding elections in December, while Al-Koni said Africa has no negative agenda in Libya and can be transparent mediator in Libyan national reconciliation efforts.

"The presence of the African delegation in Libya reflects the trust the international community has placed in the country and in the continent, which is vital for Libya's stability." Al-Koni said as he presented the results of his visits to neighboring countries and border states, especially in combating criminal networks and terrorism.